LCB “Pure White” series(Curved Perforated door)

LCB “Pure White” series
(Curved Perforated door)

รหัสสินค้า: LMZ-LCBXXXXX-P-1 หมวดหมู่:

Basic Parameters:


Part Number : LMZ-LCBXXXXX-P

Description : Aisle Sliding Door 45U, toughened glass, Full-automatic mode

Note : Height of decoration panel and fixed plate only have 300 mm.


Aisle Containment
The Aisle Containment System is a modular row-based thermal containment solution, which separates cold and hot air from equipment to data center. It manages airflow at the source, increases the cooling efficiency and decreases operating cost.


General Specification
• Modular design Most parts of the aisle containment components are designed by modular, which allows quick deployment on site and address changing needs or future expansion with pay-as-you grow architecture.

• Customized design According to different requirements of customers, different modular design is made to adapt to cold aisle containment, single or dual unit, even in building pillars solution.

• Humanized design -Separate controlled switch device at the roof ceiling, which can make test by each row-based modular as unit.
-Optional lighting system.
-Semi-automatic or full-automatic sliding doors are easy for using. Sensor or access control locking system can easily be used to open and close the door.

• High intelligent degree Flip design on roof ceiling, to be connected with fire protection through intelligent control box. The roof ceiling will automatically open, when fire signal received. And fire-extinguishing gas will come into aisle, without conflict to the existing fire protection system.